Breathing You

By Punnus Man

Breath was for breathing, before I met you
Before I used breath to taste something new
The taste of your lips is like breathing in rain
Life giving moisture that drives me insane
Insane with the breath that I breathe in your eyes
The edges of sanity filter surprise

Your breath when I taste it, tastes like you smell
The soft of your skin makes my breath quickly swell
Your breath comes in waves; soft whispered moans
Like drips from a melting red cherry snow cone

And whenever I breathe you, I want to breathe more
Breathing your lips, fires my volcanic core
My blood is ignited and turned into steam
Your breath is the breath that I breathe when I dream

Breath was for breathing before I met you
Now, breathing has texture, musical hue
When you breathe by my side, my breath breathes your air
My lips breathe your lips, my fingers your hair
And so I would breathe for the rest of the night
With your breath in my bed, the world just seems right.

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