A Hero For Stella

By Adina Pelle

Nicholas watched with trepidation as the girls in his class changed over night from asexual girls into untouchable beings, hidden land mines capable of being detonated with the telekinetic power of a boy’s random stare.

After the lesson was over Nicholas bumped into Stella on the schoolyard, near a wall embroidered with graffiti, crap scratched by frustrated and sexually agonizing 16-year-old boys.  Stella asked him directly:

“What?  Are you ready?  I decided that I’ll show them to you.”  And without looking at him, Stella removed some specks of imaginary dust, or maybe pollen from her white collar and from her pulsating bosom full of spring trepidation

“But first you need to amaze me with something, “she continued and started walking expecting Nicholas to follow her.

“Do you see the pedestrian crossing?”  She asked with a wicked tone in her voice.  “Where are you looking?  Look at the intersection.  See how cars fly over the white stripes trough the intersection?”

Nicolas saw.  And understood perfectly what was required of him.  When the traffic light turned green-Stella crossed on the other side of the boulevard.

Nicholas remained on the other side and waited for the stop light to turn red, then he  counted up to ten for the cars to pick up more speed, and started running towards the other side causing all drivers to step on the breaks trying to avoid hitting him.

On the opposite sidewalk, Stella’s eyes gleamed invitingly in the foreground.  He ran through brakes and horns, tires screeching like nails on a writing board.

Finally,  he practically fell at Stella’s feet.  Nicholas was suspecting she had fooled him…  But thank God, in the park, on an alley that led directly to the St Anne’s Cathedral, Stella was waiting for him on a bench.

She took a turn on a narrow alley, complaining loudly of all retirees taking over the benches in the park as  Nicholas realized how his immediate happiness depended now strictly on finding a bench.  And the surprise was even greater and when he found it.  The much sought after bench was not hidden.   

 Stella leaned towards him pressing against his chest with her breasts while releasing his backpack.  Then she whispered to lie on the bench and took his head in her lap.  Nicholas saw her sweater stretching and swallowing his face, eyes, and opened mouth in total astonishment.

 She lifted her white bras, letting his breath steam the trembling pink-white skin of her breasts.  They surprised him, as they were more extended and more upright than he had imagined.  And he never forgot his reaction, as it was not a contemplative one, rather his instinct was to wrap his lips around and sink his teeth in the pink flesh.

 She smacked him on the head and snarled off:

“Not so fast, our city has wider streets, with lots of stop lights and pedestrian crossings!  I know a place where if you cross it I am yours from the waist up …”

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