By Robin Rhyner

When you wish the air was water and you’re hoping soon to die

To breathe the whole world inward and drown the inner lie

To kill the past within you and chase down all regrets

Baptize night your new-named child extinguish all the lights

Throw the clock toward deepest depths and stop up all the drains

Grasp at hope your inside rope and make a friend of pain.

2 Responses to Breathless

  1. jgavinallan says:


    I am a fan of poetry…since I have no talent in it…so this leaves me breathless.

    I see the situation and conflict you present. I have my own spin on its meaning or symbol…but it is talent on paper.


    • Robin Rhyner says:

      Thank you, Jaye. I have my own spin on its meaning, too. When I wrote it a few weeks ago, it meant something different than today when I read it again, and your comment. Thanks again.

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