Thought Beam

By John Panneman

I had a little thought beam, swirling through my head
pushing its way in and out, while I was in bed
it knocked aside some others, cleansing all and kind
it cleared away the refuse, the debris in my mind

It gave me a clearer look, a step back in my brain
I was much more aware, of the negatives that drain
it appeared crystal clear, nice and toasty warm
a pleasant little thought beam, a calm before the storm

it gave me a clearer sense, of life observing and aware
a feeling that I was looking at all, with a knowing stare
So when the fog of daily thought, creeps around my head
I feel for my little thought beam, and let awareness spread


©John Panneman November 2010

1 Response to Thought Beam

  1. Carina Tan-Van Baren says:

    John, I love the idea of a thought beam, all toasty warm, spreading clarity and light through the daily fog, cleaning while you’re in bed, like one of those robot vaccuums. I particularly enjoyed the light and affectionate tone of the poem.

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