By Adina Pelle

Lady you bereft me of all words,
only my blood speaks to you in my veins,
and there is such confusion in my powers.
W. Shakespeare

Woman : a nebulous shape with green eyes, glowing fine embroidery with white threads. Light slowly opening delicate petals. A geographical map of a contour traveled, the naked tattooed shoulder, silk around the neck. Choked whispers in the ear , cherry mouth kisses, silk on hands dipped in pearl. Slippery looks, melodic rhythm caught in stare, the end of the world, the beginning, fire and earth , dissipation, cruelty. Thoughts slipped through white garments,. Phosphorescent eyes of a man and the trail of fragrance-among mixed gardens.
Woman – man encompassing.
Woman – man conquering…
Woman – man painting her wearing pearls.

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