Drawing Intrigue

By Punnus Man

Some girls hit the gates running, a psychic blitzkrieg

Mine goes much farther; she goes for intrigue

Men are no mystery, though I hate to admit it

Our plots are cliché , like ‘the butler did it’

We’ve no sense of irony when it comes to ourselves,

No matter how cluttered we are with bookshelves

No matter how much we learn or how far we roam

We just can’t get over our Y Chromosomes

I’m as dense as the rest, well maybe more clever

When life makes me annoyed, I just mumble, ‘whatever’

But my lady is liquid, she moves like the ocean

Her mad genius inspires the most magical notions

I look for a swing, she goes for the bunt

My breath takes a walk; my brain simply punts

And the way that she looks at me over her glasses

And the way that time stops, then swirls as it passes

And her lips tastes like wine from a vineyard I dreamed

And nothing is just what I think that it seems

And the bends of reality start to fatigue

And my girl makes me shine,

My girl goes for intrigue.

3 Responses to Drawing Intrigue

  1. Greg Doolan says:


  2. Kim Akimoto says:

    Beautiful poem, my punny blue friend. Your lady is a very lucky woman 🙂

  3. waxings says:

    My lady is liquid, she moves like the ocean – I love the head-feel of this line. A beautiful drawing of intrigue.

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