A Christmas Peril

By Punnus Man

Christmas Eve morning
Up all alone
Nothing is stirring
Not a mouse or a stone
The windows shut tightly
The wind whipping down
The stars twinkling brightly
Possibilities abound
A year is a year
That’s the way that it goes
Long enough for some cheer
Short enough for some woe

First turn off the news
Put down your instructions
Shake the last of your snooze
No interruptions
What made it matter?
The days in between
What illusions have shattered?
What of your dreams?
What have you learned
In the space of a year?
What turned your tides?
Your joys or your fears?

Life is a blessing
Unless it’s a curse
Its curves keep you guessing
Prepared for the worst
It’s dark and it’s cold
That’s the way of the world
But it never gets old
When you look for the pearls
When you look past your eyes
Beyond all the plastic
There is joy and surprise
And it’s really fantastic

People always depend
That’s the way that it works
There are lovers and friends
There are villains and jerks
Make the most of your time
And the days in between
Let your life rhyme
Let your rhymes dream
There is love for the making
There is plenty of space
Pies that need baking
For the whole human race.

1 Response to A Christmas Peril

  1. Tamara Hunter says:

    Punnus Man, you grow contemplative: I like it. Your multiple shades of blue are occasionally disturbing, always fascinating, sometimes hilarious…and in this case, both profound and perfectly timed.

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