Lorca’s Lament

By DS Baker

Life is pain
Birth an ending
Happiness arrives
Departs willingly


Bloody cup of woe
Wisdom through suffering
Love from

Nightly ascending
Roman wood
Wrapped in pentameter
Chains of our own creation
Grasping spikenards


Redemption comes realization
We are mortal flesh
Penitents before Holy Rood
Fallen son
To a midnight of eternity

Walking amongst the womb of waters
Looking for keystones to seal
Supplicants heart portal

Down Legion made road
To a wrought iron gate
Wrything with serpents


Climbing upon a barren hill
A poetry of roses bloom
With his passage

While shepherds carve Santos
In their Patron’s likeness
They whisper his name



1 Response to Lorca’s Lament

  1. tamarahunter says:

    Isn’t it funny how religious images can be so oppressive and gory? Okay, scratch that naive remark. This is dark, heavy. Kind of reminds me of the video clip for OMD’s Joan of Arc.

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