Tread Until The Sky Falls Down

By Punnus Man

Water runs with every drop
Runs in rivers, never stops
Wash away the sands of time
Echoes drip as splashes climb
Cool the waters with your feet
Ripple in their soothing beat
Rains that fall from silver moons
Swirling dark, the levies swoon
Golden harvest washed away
Cling tightly to the break of day
Sunlight born of silver tides
Glistens as the earth abides
Howling, wet, the dripping wind
The breath the Gods cannot rescind
Surging black in hungry tithe
The clocks turn back, the waters rise
Climbing now for higher ground
Falling skies make trembling sounds
Mountains melt into the flood
Copper clouds are drained of blood
Numbing currents pull you down
The driest dreams begin to drown
Grasp the air before you sink
Take one last breath, it’s time to drink.

1 Response to Tread Until The Sky Falls Down

  1. jgavinallan says:

    My friend: Your name is hard to pronounce or even write lol
    But your piece is very moving. I have always been in awe of poetry. Due to no talent in it.
    However, I enjoy how poets string together words and show emotion in such a short space. I do not know your intent, but the last stanza(if that is correct term) is perfect for me. Sometimes, I feel helpless or a failure at things…”driest dreams begin to drown.” Now that’s poetry


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