Short Fiction

This page is for complete short stories. Please submit new works to

Home by Sharon Giltrow

Max and his Incredible Underwater Adventures by Melinda Chapman

Being Audrey Hepburn by Robyne Young

Saltwater by Serena Wyle

The Path of Least Resistance by Mark Cunningham

The Story of Dung and Hot Stuff…Parents of Nước Hoa by J Gavin Allan

My Future Husband Will Not Be Coming Home…Ever (Reflections of a Bru Woman) by J Gavin Allan

The Blue Dress by Adina Pelle

The Cherry Tree by Adina Pelle

The Pursuit of Happiness by Adina Pelle

Married To A Laugh by Neil Lade

A Holiday from Existence by Gemma Sidney

The Executioner by Elizabeth Kolodziej

Trashcan Man by Gemma Sidney

High Season by Carina Tan-Van Baren

Just In Time For Tea at The Crossroads by Mark Cunningham

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