About Waxings

Waxings was established in October 2010 with the aim of providing a safe space for writers of all levels of expertise and experience to share their work, obtain constructive feedback and simply to connect with like minds.

Site creator, Carina Tan-Van Baren, is a journalist by training and has spent many years  ‘spinning’ words and strategy as a media adviser and consultant. But she enjoys most being able to write with no goal other than to find out what happens next.

Carina has recently returned to her journalistic roots by introducing a ‘newsier’ post-stream, providing advice and insights from established authors and industry experts to help writers develop their craft and, for those with ambitions to be published, increase their understanding of the publishing industry.

The site is still a work in progress. But its development will continue to be underpinned by the needs and interests of writers. Authors retain copyright of all original work posted.

We hope you will find Waxings a source of encouragement and inspiration.

If you’d like to talk to others about writing and related topics, join our discussion on the Waxings Facebook page. Or follow @Waxings on Twitter for regular tidbits between posts.

The menu:

  • Blogwax: Regular posts, including news, interviews and personal reflection.
  • Poetry: As you’d expect.
  • Tasters: Short works in progress or extracts from completed works. If you are uncertain about what you have written, this is a good way to gauge reader reaction. If you have a completed work that is about to be or is already published, this might be a useful forum for generating awareness.
  • Short Fiction: Complete short stories.
  • Non-fiction: Observations, musings and journalism.
  • 500-word challenge: a monthly competition inviting submissions of up to 500 words on a given theme.
  • Reviews: Thoughts about books, articles and other writing not found on this blog.

To contact Waxings, email waxings.blog@gmail.com