By Serena Wyle

He moved closer. Into my silence.

“Sometimes it helps to say ‘goodbye’,” he said, lips to my mouth.

I said nothing but must have agreed.

Later, he said: “I’m sorry.”

“I know.”

I put on my clothes, my shoes. Told him to put the crystals I gave him in salt water.

Salt clears negative energy.

I walked into the kitchen. His housemate, his best friend, my friend, offered me a cup of tea.

Not long after, he appeared, dressed for work. He left.

I stayed and drank more tea. Then went home and stared into the fire.

It took four weeks to get over him.

I can’t remember why.

2 Responses to Saltwater

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  2. jgavinallan says:

    I love poetry…they way a story is told in a few lines.
    I see the two people and feel their emotions…well-done.

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