A Misogynist Fantasy

By Adina Pelle

Ironically, if we can bring up irony when we refer to a catastrophe meant to annihilate the human race, the offender was a woman. Not many know that.

Amelia Eckhart, Ph.D. in biological macro-physics at the Justus University in Dresden, Germany, was the one that tripped over the “magic” formula. I will not go into medical details, details which I don’t store in my cortex anymore given that twenty years have passed already…

The story sounds simple and clean. In a medical laboratory, one idiot created a highly contagious virus which immediately proved to be lethal to all females, basically half of humankind. It is not known who was the Misogynist (M capitalized) to release the contents of the vial….

The women in the Research Center died in less than two hours and the next morning the entire city was in panic and ultimately in mourning. It did not matter if they were eight or eighty years old, the virus did not spare.

Six and a half years after the first death, the last woman perished.

Lena and other few of the apostles, as they became known later, have contributed before leaving us with a fairly high number of eggs.

Years later, which is when the real story starts, a rumor was started amongst men and spread like wildfire. “Eve was born!” All languages of the planet had printed bold letters headlines in all the newspapers. Eve 1986 was her full name because it was the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty sixth when a laboratory, using a monkey as a surrogate mother, created the girl.

The man chosen for Eve was a twenty-one years old but willing to wait 14 years so Eve would be suitable for reproduction.

He waited patiently for sure, while everyone hoped it was a matter of time until women will again teem the planet. Thread busy, loud, crazy, beautiful, charming, sublime … on the streets. Right?


Women continued to be chimeras.

But somewhere in a place unknown to all those who saw it with their eyes, away from the madness and chaos that had taken over humanity, in the midst of an impenetrable jungle, in a small building with white walls, the magic laugh of women enchanted the tropical air. Since the birth of Eve, researchers knew that the only way to avert disaster was to basically disappear.

Their work had reached the desired fruits, great, now living around were thirty-two women, none over fourteen years old. No one except Eve.

This is her story, the story of a girl seeking her freedom . Eve is an ordinary girl. Circumstances leading to her birth made her unique.

In some ways she is the most evolved human specimen. But strong or weak, caught between prize and anger, she is a unique and gentle woman and EVERYONE loved her at one point!


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