Sounds Done Easily Under a Dark Night Sky

By Punnus Man

Night lets sounds unfold as sounds will
So night sounds unfold to get their dark fill
Sounds wrap themselves round their shadowed desires
Other sounds sparkle and stoke star fed fires
Sounds that bulge apart at the seams
Sounds that soak up the very last dreams
Those notes played in dreams that come in with the dew
Those most vivid of sounds, those last vibrant few
Sounds held tightly against the coldest of winds
Sounds of the oldest, most forgotten of sins
Sounds of tears spattered hot and most scornful
Blowing windy past and mournful
Listen then
Come back around

The soundtrack of night has the stillest soft sounds
Slowest still sounds, lowest still sounds
Sounds stuck in the silence that hug the ground sounds
Sounds that stop and settle down sounds
The softest sounds are easier at night
Smooth enough sounds are the softest delights
Easier to hear
Easier to follow
Smooth sounds burrow there nightly and hollow
The air grows moist with sounds to follow
Night is fluid, so too night sounds
Silky sounds, lazy sounds
Velvet soft and hazy sounds
Night provides the background hum
Beat the retreat on the skin of night’s drum

Darker sounds
Slick and so smooth like the quickest black ice
Slickly come around back then quickly knock twice
Bathing in acoustic night
Velvet black, just left of light
Perched in the rafters of the night sky
Sounds with wings to help them fly
Hear the songs of the birds that fly through the night
Drown in the memories their questions invite
Answers explode in nocturnal insight
Music drops in moonlit clouds
Rains above the slumbering crowds
Bouncing deeply off the rim
Rolling past in thunderous whims
Drawn ever to the horizon, the end of the line
The dripping red-gold of frozen sunshine

Sounds at night are easily done
Serious sounds, mysterious sounds
Sounds that soon turn to delirious sounds
Sounds grown louder, bold and prouder
Bouncing harder, stereo martyr
Sounds designed for trade and barter
Try not to pretend you haven’t made these night sounds
We have all seen the ruts that you left in the ground
Deep tracks get laid down at night
Deep and hungry sounds that bite
Leftover sounds that echo low warning
They shimmer and pebble madly in the pools of the morning
Grainy crop circles left in the veneer of breakfast light
Shadow corner eyes that fight
The nightly sounds, now slim and stark
The sounds of night made darkly art
Sharpened sounds, darkened sounds
Cover up the window sounds
Sometimes other kinds of places
Sounds with masks and painted faces
Sounds the vultures have all picked clean
Sounds with skeletons best left unseen
Sounds that make the curtains move
The needle skips slowly across the night sky’s grooves.

2 Responses to Sounds Done Easily Under a Dark Night Sky

  1. Greg Doolan says:

    Nice one, Punnus. Love ya work.

  2. tamarahunter says:

    So creepy, PM. You let the pace and pressure undulate, allowing your words to alternately whisper in the reader’s ear and crawl across their skin. I imagine this being read in a slightly unhinged Vincent Price voice. Do you look anything like him? Can you do the Thriller laugh?

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