By John Panneman

She came to my life, all crumply cute and sinless
All innocent and vacant, but hardly nary skinless
Her rolls were bunched up good and thick, like a carpet-seated rug,
She was the cutest little angel, the cutest little Pug

Flowers, shrubs and hearts were tackled, at twice her body height
bulldozing through them all, steamrolling with her might
the bones she chewed were really huge
being thrice her body size,
forgiveness was so easy, those jutting bulby eyes

For those eyes do seem to see you, for who you really are
they shine and twinkle and glimmer, like an airy star
Large and brown and golden
Almost too big for her head,
I am so very taken, how she puts me in good stead

When my ego boils over, full of daily woes and sighs
she has no mean trick of bringing me, way back down to size
she melts my heart my head my soul
her ability to be so cute, is really so immense
She even has a talent, for barking at the chickens, over near the fence

Life will never be the same, how can it when it’s changed
A life happens, and everything is rearranged
that life is so very fine and fragile
for when it catches up with us, and you are pulled away
I am so very sure, my life will return, to its shadowy grey

Copyright John Panneman October 2010

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