By Tamara Hunter

More IAS entries…just because I’m too slack to have anything else to put up at the moment

For the word ‘effete’

Wastrels and wallies
Profligate prats,
Debauched ne’er do wells
Mummy’s boy brats
Good-for-nothing losers
Effete, boorish louts
Bounders and cads
Scoundrels with gout
Armed with their charm
They sashay through the town
Spying ladies of means
Scanning up and then down
From the diamonds up top
To the leather below
The grandeur on their fingers
The abundance on show
Turkey necks no encumbrance
Bulging eyes no disgrace
Fat accounts the incentive
For this unseemly race
To flatter and wheedle
To lay it on thick
To transfer wealth from the
Blind to the ruthlessly slick
With pizzazz they inveigle
Without shame they bewitch
And with grins they depart
Consciences – gleefully – unpricked.

2 Responses to Effete

  1. Robin Rhyner says:

    Delightfully wicked. I enjoy reading IAS entries, especially nice since I haven’t seen this before.

  2. Dawn says:

    Very cleverly written:) I really enjoyed this!

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