More for ‘Isabella’ Fans

In response to popular demand, the prolific Mark Cunningham has graciously provided Waxings with Part Four of his gripping vampire series, Isabella.

If you haven’t yet sampled Isabella’s Intro  or Parts Two and Three, I recommend you cast your eyes in their direction. In Part Four, find out what Cardinal Donal learns when he arrives in the United States…then join me in harassing the author for more, more, more! 

Another excellent recent posting is the first chapter of Jessica McHugh’s novel, Rabbits in the Garden, which has just been accepted for publication. Congratulations Jessica!

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1 Response to More for ‘Isabella’ Fans

  1. Thanks Carina. Very pleased to be gripping. Posting is greatly appreciated, as always. I can easily be arm twisted into another installment. Conratulations also to Jessica for getting her book published. Speaking of publication, when are you going to mention that your story High Season that is in the short section here, has been snatched up by a magazine?

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